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Become a student of the Alliance française and enjoy all the activities !

Why learn french in Alliance française?
Our network of centres offers throughout India a harmonized curriculum which alone fulfils the requisites of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages from the Council of Europe.
We have about 20 highly qualified and experienced teachers, all specialists in FLE (French as a Foreign Language). Our team caters to both complete beginners and advanced students, those looking for just a taster or for an intensive immersion, adults and children,generalised French and specialised courses. There are weekday,evening, weekend and summer courses –  which means you will be certain to find the right type of course at the right time. And for those wishing to immerse themselves deeper into the local culture, we also offer courses in Tamil.

A qualification, at the right price
We can also provide internationally-recognised qualifications (DELF and DALF) delivered by France’s Education Ministry. And most important, we try to make our courses as accessible and flexible as possible. So if you fancy diving into the language of love and diplomacy, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or drop by.

What are the benefits of studying in Alliance?
Use of dynamic and modern methods of instruction, that enable to actually use the language in everyday life situations, both in speaking and writing. Discover a fascinating civilisation through texts, images, documents pertaining to life in France. Attend our cultural programs such as cinema, concerts, art exhibitions, dance recitals and others events organised in India. The Alliance has also a wealth of resources – from a multimedia library with thousands of books and hundreds of DVD’s, and we even have our own cafe in a pleasant garden.

Please contact us for any information you may require at  [email protected]

Unsure of your level in French? Take our online placement test! 

If you are not a complete beginner learner and would like to receive further guidance on selecting a class level, please select one of the placement tests available below. Once your purchase is complete, please allow 24-48 hours to receive a link to take your placement test.

In order to ensure a more accurate assessment, this placement test will be followed by a quick interview with one of our program coordinators.