Learn French


In 2013, Alliance française has welcomed 1698 students and more than 200 000 teaching hours have been assured. These excellent statistics rank our Alliance 4th in India whereas Pondicherry is only the 162nd Indian town. It is true that our history as a former French colony gives us a very special status.

The course offered is particularly rich and we have introduced linguistic stays to add flavor to it. With over 25 courses per quarter, we offer a wide range of classes tailored to the needs of our learners, the crash course in particular, is scheduled at hours when the students and professionals are free.

We initiated the quality approach in 2010 and we were the first in India to introduce this approach launched by the foundation. Following this diagnosis, we have developed a school project whose priority is to improve and develop the language center.

Our main focus is to train our teachers and Alliance française wishes to support them strongly as they are the ones who bring the students to success. With more than 80% of success in the DELF exams that are held, our students excel our competitors in Pondicherry.

Our teachers are committed and show great motivation in the work they do and in this regard I invite you to consult their work under the section Academics which is dedicated for students and teachers.

Our environment enables our students to progress: the library, media library and cultural activities are all opportunities to improve one’s interest in the French language and culture. We also try to establish links between our cultural and linguistic activities

French is a language with lot of professional value and to serve our students in a better way we organize job fairs regularly. In January 2014, 79 students applied to companies like Renault, Tata Consulting services, Infosys and Société Générale.

To reward the best students of the year, Alliance française has been we organizing the competition for the best student since 2011. This year, 5 students are offered a 15 days linguistic stay in Reunion Island along with a guided tour of the island. Added to it, Campus France visits our premises regularly. Every month, students wishing to pursue their higher studies in France are informed of the prerequisites by a representative of Campus France.