Painting Exhibition by Gilles Bourget

Expo_Gilles_AF2015_webThe set that you will discover was produced while Gilles Bourget was living in the Dune Eco Lodge artist residency, a very inspiring place just a few kilometers outside of Pondichéry. The aim of this experiment was to create something different, using an original material, a new medium and of course a local theme.

The artist explains his sources of inspiration : “ I don’t really know where the idea of water in South India comes from. Contrary to what you might expect, for me water in India does not call to mind neither Ganga nor the monsoon, but it rather brings up visions of a bucolic and pastoral India. I guess this vision comes from some films from Satyajit Ray, as well as “The River / Le Fleuve” by Jean Renoir. But also from ancient travel pictures taken in India in the past, as well as literature, I’m thinking about Tagore or Narayan.