Book Donation

Book Donation

We welcome the book donation which helps us to enrich our collection.

In order to avoid any refusal of books, we request you to make a list of books you would like to donate us along with your contact details and which corresponds to the criteria mentioned below. You can place this list at the library or you can also send a mail to the following address: [email protected]

After studying your list, we will contact you to inform if we are interested in your books. However, the library will accept only the books which correspond to its acquisition policy.

All donated documents must be eligible based on the following criteria.

  • To be in good condition without any repairs required.
  • No foul smelling or yellowish pages.
  • The library does not accept any documents whose content is on any current controversies.
  • The year of publication should not exceed 5 years.
  • The library does not accept pedagogical or academic books, magazines or newspapers.
  • No exchange of books will be made.
  • The library reserves the right to accept or refuse any donation made.
  • The priority is given to documents in French.
  • No receipt will be made for the donation.
  • Books with annotations, dedication or any personal details of the donator will not be accepted.

DVD or CD donation will not be accepted as their broadcasting and rental rules are reserved by their copyright owners.

All books donated will belong to the library. It reserves all rights to dispose them completely: sale, donation to another institution, donation to students, destruction. The profits from the sale will go directly into the operating budget of the library.