Services Offered

0W6A5510Facilities at the library are:

  • Learner’s library section: Books classified into A1, A2, B1 & B2 level helps students to choose books based on their level in French.
  • New arrival: New books and DVD’s are added to the library’s collection every month.
  • Subscription to 8 leading press from France for adults and kids (Le Monde, L’Express, L’Obs, Ça m’interesse, Santé magazine, J’aime lire, Le Journal des enfants & Okapi)
  • Kids section: Comics, novels for adolescents, albums, folktales, story books, science books and French made easy books.
  • Culturethèque: The online digital library of the French Media libraries, with free access for its user i.e. annual membership holders and the students of Alliance Française. For more info :
  • RFI (Radio France Internationale) available in AFP library since 2013. Students and members of AFP can listen to RFI anywhere inside the library with the help of wireless headphones.
  • TV5 monde: A separate TV is installed in the AFP library to broadcast the International French channel throughout the day.
  • DELF section: All DELF preparation books are available in this section.
  • Indoor games: Chess, Carrom are available at our library.
  • Media Library: Self Learning software, Games PS4, Culturethèque, Internet access, Songs & movies.


Individual Family**

(couple + child)

External Students Internal Students Caution
1 year (membre) 1400* 2000* 450* 450***  
3 month (adhérent) 850*       300 per book

(2 book max)

1 month (adhérent) 450*
Books 4 10 4 2 300

(2 books max)

DVD 1 3 1 1

1000 per DVD

* Including GST 

*  Applicable only for children under the age of 18 for this membership

**  Applicable only to students from other educational institutions of Pondicherry

AFP Library Rules & Regulations

Terms & Conditions

  • The members are asked to present their membership card during each visit.
  • Personal possessions such as documents, books, videos, CD or DVD that does not belong to the library’s collection must be deposited at the entrance. Nevertheless, small handbags, notebooks and laptops are allowed.
  • The members are asked to register their names in the register at the entrance.
  • It is possible to refer the books by making use of the library terrace after authorization.
  • The members are asked to place the referred documents back in their respective places.
  • Avoid leaving the consulted documents on the terrace.
  • Avoid bringing foods and beverages inside the library.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off from the entrance.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the library and terrace.
  • It is strictly prohibited to set foot on the armchairs in the terrace.
  • The members are asked to maintain silence inside the library.
  • The children must be accompanied by an adult during their visit to the library.
  • Portable music players : CD, DVD, MP3 are not allowed.
  • Photography, filming, recording inside and outside the library is strictly forbidden.
  • AFP students can make use of all French learning software and movies whereas the members and student membership holders from other institutions and can have access to Internet, movies, encyclopedia, and Culturethèque.
  • Internet charge of Rs.20 is applicable to all students and members of AFP.
  • The standard browsing charge is Rs.20 per hour and Rs.10 from 0-30 minutes.
  • Culturethèque users can use the Culturethèque for free for the first one hour.
  • The DELF preparation books can be referred in the media library only after the librarians’ permission.
  • AFP students only have the access to refer the DELF section books.
  • All DVDs, pen drive, CDs and mobile phones for data usage can be used only after authorization.
  • Do not change the headphone or the mike.
  • Do not save any personal information in the computers.
  • Do not download any files, photos, videos or any unnecessary software in the systems.
  • Do not change the system settings.
  • Avoid setting your foot on the wall or in the chair.
  • Please handle all objects with care in the media library; the user will be asked to pay the actual price of the damaged object in case of any damage made.
  • The administration will take no responsibility if you lose your personal belongings.
  • In case of infringement of rules, the Director or the staffs’ are authorized to exclude the person.

Membership – Member card

To borrow or consult documents at the library, the Alliance Française membership card is necessary. Membership forms are available in the Alliance Française reception. An ID card, a passport size photo and an address proof are required. The membership card is immediately effective after the registration and payment received. The signature of the membership card implies the acceptance of the internal rules of the Alliance Française and the library. The membership card also gives access to film screenings, concerts and cultural activities.

The members (one year, individual membership) can borrow 4 books for duration of three weeks, 2 CD or 1 DVD a week. To borrow CD and DVD, deposit of Rs.1000 per DVD is to be paid.

The members (family membership) can borrow 10 books for duration of three weeks, a maximum of 3 CDs or 3 DVD a week. To borrow CD and DVD, deposit of Rs.1000 per DVD is to be paid.

The students of the Alliance Française can borrow 2 books for duration of three weeks, 2 CD or 1 DVD a week. To borrow CD and DVD, deposit of Rs.1000 per DVD is to be paid.

School members can borrow 4 books for duration of three weeks, 2 CD or 1 DVD a week. To borrow CD and DVD, deposit of Rs.1000 per DVD is to be paid.

The temporary members (1 or 3 months) can borrow 2 books for duration of three weeks, 2 CD or 1 DVD a week.

A sum of Rs. 500 per CD or Rs. 1000 per DVD is asked to all temporary members.

A sum of Rs. 300 per book is asked to the temporary members.

It is absolutely necessary to present their payment receipt to claim for their deposit refund.

Return of documents: In case of delay in returning the books or DVD’s borrowed, a penalty of Rs. 5 per document and per day will be collected.

Loss and damage: The users are responsible for the documents borrowed. In case of loss or damage of documents, the penalty corresponds to the price of the document with 30 % interest (transport charges). The loss of document must be declared in writing.

Donations are integrated in the collection provided that it suits condition & criteria of the acquisition policy. If the given documents are not integrated into the collection, they will be eliminated from the Library. The eliminated documents will be for sale or handed over to other organizations.

Suggestions of the readers: The readers suggestion will be studied attentively but their acquisition will be possible only if it suits in the acquisition policy, thus in the budgetary frame.

Loss of the membership card: The loss of the membership card must be reported immediately in writing. A new card can be issued in a week’s time for a cost of Rs.100.

Change of address: Change of address, telephone, fax or email must be informed at the Alliance Française reception.

Assistance: For any information, the staffs of the Alliance Française of Pondichéry are at your service.


Book Donation

We welcome the book donation which helps us to enrich our collection.

In order to avoid any refusal of books, we request you to make a list of books you would like to donate us along with your contact details and which corresponds to the criteria mentioned below. You can place this list at the library or you can also send a mail to the following address: [email protected]

After studying your list, we will contact you to inform if we are interested in your books. However, the library will accept only the books which correspond to its acquisition policy.

All donated documents must be eligible based on the following criteria.

  • To be in good condition without any repairs required.
  • No foul smelling or yellowish pages.
  • The library does not accept any documents whose content is on any current controversies.
  • The year of publication should not exceed 5 years.
  • The library does not accept pedagogical or academic books, magazines or newspapers.
  • No exchange of books will be made.
  • The library reserves the right to accept or refuse any donation made.
  • The priority is given to documents in French.
  • No receipt will be made for the donation.
  • Books with annotations, dedication or any personal details of the donator will not be accepted.

DVD or CD donation will not be accepted as their broadcasting and rental rules are reserved by their copyright owners.

All books donated will belong to the library. It reserves all rights to dispose them completely: sale, donation to another institution, donation to students, destruction. The profits from the sale will go directly into the operating budget of the library.