Grand Pondy Partages Picture Contest

Hello everyone,


Alliance Française de Pondichéry organizes a Grand Pondy Partages Picture Contest.

During our three weeks long Festival Pondy Partages 2015, you will have attended  at least one of the 26 events that we staged and immortalised it with your camera  …

Be they standard or daring photographs, original recordings, documentary footage, do send us your most beautiful  pictures. The best documents will be published on our website!


To facilitate the selection process, make sure you follow the procedure below :

  1. Send an email with your pictures as attached documents to : [email protected]
  2. Subject of the email should be : Picture Contest 2015.
  3. In your email, write your name and the details of the pictures / documents sent (when and were ?)


Ready? Steady? … Go !

Deadline: March 16th


Good luck!


Alliance Française Team