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Footprints in the memories of Alliance …. farewell to Fabrice Mongiat

At the helm of the first Alliance française in Asia and amongst one of the oldest in the world, Fabrice Mongiat, the charismatic director, who has steered this noble institution by turning it into a modern and dynamic education facility yet keeping in mind the honour and sparkle of tradition and age. Upon his arrival – he drafted a new ... Read More »

Pompous Parade in Pondicherry

 February 28, 2014 heralded its official 125th anniversary of the Alliance Française de Pondichéry, a day replete with festivities, fun and merriment amid the students, teachers and its members.   Photo by Lydie Asselin This day was set in motion with the staff of Alliance Française baking a cake to commemorate the attainment of 125 years of its operations in Pondicherry. ... Read More »