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Rationalisation du site

Chers lecteurs, chers membres, En tant qu’association de droit local, notre site se conforme à la règle suivie par les autres Alliances françaises dans le monde et se présente désormais uniquement dans la langue commune à l’Union indienne, l’anglais, qui y a statut de “langue officielle associée”. En revanche, nous continuerons à envoyer nos lettres d’information en français et anglais. ... Read More »

Lab Citoyen 2015

Lab citoyen 2015 Gagnez un séjour de 10 jours à Paris ! 80 youth from all over the world will be invited by France, on July 5-15, 2015, to the third edition of the Human Rights program called ‘‘LabCitoyen’’. From five continents, these young people of ages 18-25, are for the most part committed within their home country to the ... Read More »

Painting Exhibition by Gilles Bourget

The set that you will discover was produced while Gilles Bourget was living in the Dune Eco Lodge artist residency, a very inspiring place just a few kilometers outside of Pondichéry. The aim of this experiment was to create something different, using an original material, a new medium and of course a local theme. The artist explains his sources of ... Read More »

Registration for DELF DALF exams

MARCH 2015 EXAM SESSION       DELF DALF  –  Registrations from 13 to 27 February 2015 Exam Dates DELF and DALF Monday 9 March DELF A1 Tuesday 10 March DELF A2 Wednesday 11 March DELF B1 Thursday 12 March DELF B2 Friday 13 March DALF C1 Saturday 14 March DALF C2 DELF Junior  –  Registrations from 6 to 20 March 2015 Exam Dates DELF Monday 30 March DELF A1 Tuesday 31 March DELF A2 ... Read More »

Biodiversity and Climate Change

Lecture in French and English, Friday March 6, 2015, Auditorium at 7:00 pm Professor Gilles Boeuf holds the annual Chair in “Sustainable Development – Environment, Energy and Society” at Collège de France (2013-2014). He is specialized in environmental physiology and biodiversity. He teaches in several Universities, mainly at the Université Pierre & Marie Curie, and has been the President of ... Read More »