Combining tradition and modernity, the cultural events organized by Alliance française are a meeting point for French and Indian culture. Every month, Alliance organize exhibitions and workshops, conferences and literary café, live shows (concerts, puppet shows, dance recitals, circus acts…), as well as a weekly film programme. French film cycles alternate with Indian films on a montly basis. Our partner for Indian films is the Navadharshan film society.

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The Press and Communication Office has three main functions: Media watch, Information and Media support.

Media watch
The Press and Communication Office monitors the Indian media (newspapers and serious weeklies, television, radio, Internet sites and blogs), identifying the main issues, analysing coverage of them and noting trends and developments.

It regularly briefs journalists and answers their questions on AFP decisions and events. The Press and Communication Office answers, by telephone, email or letter, questions on AFP put by the general public and organizations.

Media support
The Press and Communication Office supports Indian journalists wishing to secure interviews with AFP Director. When French VIPs come to India, the Press and Communication Office frequently organizes press conferences, briefings and interviews.

Contact Information

For any extra information, you can contact the cultural coordination team! To suggest a project, you can also contact the cultural head!

Saikat Bhattacharya : [email protected]