Become a Member !

Application for Membership

The applicant will undergo the following process and follow rules and regulations as stipulated by AFP.

  • Fill up and submit the online membership registration form
  • Attach a scanned photograph in JPEG format into the form
  • Tick the appropriate box for the type of membership you require to take.
  • Submit the form to the AFP reception by clicking “send”
  • Upon successful completion of the form and your membership being granted, you will need to come to AFP reception to make your payment and take a receipt and your membership card.

What is the Alliance Française ? 

This nonprofit institution houses a cultural and information center, a school for teaching French and a library.

It promotes and offers numerous cultural activities through the year and high quality teaching by a devoted team of skilled and professional faculty have made Alliance an institution of excellence for more than a century. Created in 1889 and among the first Alliances in the world after the one in Paris and is administered by a governing board and registered under the local law.

It stands above any involvement of a political or religious character and refrains from all forms of discrimination.

What does being a member of the Alliance Française mean?

• The right to vote in any meeting of the society.
• The right to stand for elections to the Committee provided he/she satisfies all criteria of eligibility.
• Access to all the facilities offered by Alliance Française of Pondicherry (Language courses, Translation, Interpretation, Examinations, Cultural activities, Socio-cultural activities, Médiathèque, Canteen, etc.) on payment of the applicable fees.
• Access to activities or privileges reserved for the members of Alliance Française de Pondichéry.
• Conditional access to use the premises and equipment of Alliance Française by an individual in agreement with the rules and regulations for such requests.


• All the members are expected to use the space and other facilities available in the Alliance Française premises without causing inconvenience to the other members and in a manner convenient to all the members, students, staff, invited artist etc.
• No member can claim exclusive right to any facility available in the society premises.
• All the members are expected to maintain cordial and harmonious relationship with each other.
• No member shall reprimand any staff. However if any discourtesy or indiscipline of any staff is noticed, the same may be brought to the notice of the Director and / or President of the Association for appropriate action.