Merci Patron ! by Francois Ruffin, documentary (84 min)

For Jocelyne and Serge Klur, nothing could be worse: their factory, which manufactured Kenzo costumes (Groupe LVMH), in Poix-du-Nord near Valenciennes, was relocated to Poland. That is when Francois Ruffin knocked on their door. He will bring the case of Klur to the general assembly of LVMH, determined to touch the heart of its CEO, Bernard Arnault…


L’exercice de l’Etat by Pierre Schoeller (112 min)

Saint-Jean, Minister of Transport, is heading in an ever more complex, rapid and hostile world. But everything is linked and collides. To what sacrifices are men ready? How far does the state devour those who serve it?


Hannah Arendt, by Margarethe Von Trotta (113 min)

1961. German Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt is sent to Jerusalem by the New Yorker to cover the trial of Adolf Eichmann, responsible for the deportation of millions of Jews. The articles she publishes and her theory of ‘The banality of evil’ trigger an unprecedented controversy.


Versailles, by Pierre Schoeller (114 min)

Paris, today. A child and his young mother sleep outside. Nina is unemployed and unattached. Enzo is 5 years old. Their wanderings led them to Versailles. In the woods near the castle, a man lives in a shed, cut off from everything. A first feature film very notable at the Festival de Cannes and one of the last roles of Guillaume Depardieu, exceptional in the role of an improvised father.