French Films August 2017

AF Auditorium – Every Sunday at 6.00 PM (English subtitles)


August 6 – Noor  – Çağla Zencirci, Guillaume Giovanetti  – 78 min

Noor wants to be a man. He is no longer part of the Khusras, the transgender community of Pakistan. And he definitely turned the page of the love story he had with one of them. Now he has a job as a man in a truck decoration center, and he knows what he wants: to find a woman who will accept him as he is.


August 13 – Les malheurs de Sophie  – Christophe Honoré  – 95 min

From her castle, little Sophie cannot resist the temptation of all that is forbidden for her. When her parents decided to go to America, Sophie was enchanted. A year later, she is back in France with her horrible mother-in-law, Madame Fichini.


August 20 – L’arbre – Julie Bertuccelli – 100 min

In Australia, Dawn and Peter live happily with their children under the shade of their giant fig tree. When Peter dies brutally, everyone reacts in his own way. Simone believes that her father is now living in the tree and shares with Dawn her secret. Life resumes but the tree becomes over powering. Its branches, its roots, and even its army of frogs and bats threaten the home.



August 27 – The Queen of Montreuil – Solveig Anspach – 87 min

It’s the beginning of summer and Agathe is back home in Montreuil. She must mourn her husband, who died suddenly, and go back to her work as a director. The unexpected arrival at her home of a couple from Iceland and a depressive sea lion will give Agathe the powers to reconquer her life.