May 7  — PAKARAM

by Sankar Debnath – 124 mins

Tapu, young boy of 10-11 years is born with a knack for seeing, believing and perceiving things unlike many and has the potential to depict them through his creativity. When lost in his own world, he is often oblivious to what the present demands from him. Raja, his close friend shares Tapu’s interests but not with the same intensity. Raja’s father disapproves of Raja and Tapu’s friendship and decides to send his son to a town school for better education. Shantu, a so called mentally challenged person, gradually starts to share a special bond with Tapu after Raja leaves.



by Arindam Sil – 120 mins

In Benaras, Ratikant Choudhury invites them to a party thrown by zamindar Dipnarayan Singh at his residence to celebrate his recovery after a prolonged illness. But the very next day , Dipnarayan dies under suspicious circumstances. Byomkesh takes the responsibility of investigating his murder. He is clear about two motives -money and an illicit relationship.



Directed by Aparna Sen – 134 mins

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.” And so, Verona turns into Arshinagar for Aparna Sens onscreen adaptation of the glorious Shakespearean masterpiece – Romeo and Juliet – the titular characters of which have become eponymous with passionate young lovers and doomed love.



by Anusya Samanta – 148 mins

Aranyo and his friends set out an adventurous weekend and reach an old mansion. There they meet an old man who starts to tell them the history of the place, the story of ‘Aalo’ and ‘Chhaya’. The last landlord of that estate,’ Jogyo Datta’ bought a Brahman child widow ‘Surama’ from ‘Vrindavan’ and gave her shelter in his family. Gradually, Surama becomes not only the Queen of Jogyo’s heart but also the Empress of Jogyo’s estate. But to spare both of them from the criticisms of the society, Surama pressurizes Jogyo to marry Protul. And this marriage brings an agonizing denouement in everyone’s life.